Choosing The Right New Entry Door For You

Choosing a new entry door is no small task. A person must consider how the door functions, what works with the existing exterior, the level of security needed and, of course, the curb appeal. Entry doors are the first doors anyone sees as they arrive at your house so not only do you need it to be functional, you want it to be attractive.

Additionally, you should make sure your doors are as efficient as possible. This can increase the value of your home while lowering your energy bills.

Entry doors must withstand all the elements: wind, rain, scorching sun and possible intruders. All these elements are important while appearing welcoming when friends arrive. Doors come in many popular styles and made out of various materials. The most common are choices are wood, fiberglass doors and steel doors.

Wood entry doors are the most common. They can be constructed from a wide variety of types of wood, each offering their own benefits and drawbacks. Many in-stock wood doors have wood veneer skins overlaying engineered word.

Fiberglass entry doors come in various depths of wood grain textures and many hand-applied stains. They do appear as authentic wood and are very durable. They are able to resist splits, crack and warping.

Steel entry doors also come in different depths and textures, but tend to offer the most security and durability. Customers can choose between a wood grain, textured or smoothed steel. They offer great structural strength and can be elegant, durable and energy efficient. Most steel doors require periodic painting.

Some entry doors are sold pre-hung but you can also by the door as a stand alone.  Call Keller Window & Door today for your free, initial consultation. Our experts can help you find the right fit for your home.

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