How Much Money Can New Windows Save Me?

Some people live with older windows, assuming that updated windows are just too expensive. They know that the windows are drafty or may not hold in the heating or air conditioning, but they just live with it. These homeowners are literally throwing money out their outdated windows.

In terms of energy costs, the amount that you can save depends on just how old the windows in the home actually are. If your windows are extremely old, new windows can potentially save you about $450 per year. This would be an extreme case for a home that has decades-old windows. For other homeowners with slightly updated windows, new windows could potentially save you about $150 per year.

It’s not just the cost-savings on your energy bills, your home will also be much more comfortable. You won’t have drafty windows cutting a chill in the winter. You’ll have a home that looks great and feels great. It will make a huge difference in how much you enjoy your home.

To be certain, there are other ways to save on energy bills. Caulking cracks in the wall, adding weather stripping, and other small changes can have big changes in your energy bills. But energy-efficient windows should be a step that every homeowner takes to save money each month.

At Keller Window & Door, we can find the perfect windows for your home. We will discuss your options to find the choice that best fits your space and your budget. With high-quality Anderson Windows, you can be sure your home will be comfortable and look outstanding. To learn more about your window options, contact Keller Window & Door today.

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