Replacement Window Installation Choices

windows bucket 300x205 - Replacement Window Installation ChoicesConsidering replacement windows may be overwhelming when you begin to weigh your options. It doesn’t have to be! We want to inform you and help you make the best possible decision for your family.

First of all, there are a few main types of replacement windows. Style one, known as flush fin, is typically used in markets where aluminum windows are in place and the exterior of the building is either stucco or masonry. It is known by many different names including stucco fin, single wall flush fin, dual wall flush fin, retro-fit fin, retro-fit flange, bullnose fin, craftsman fin, brick mold fin and z-bar.

Flush fin come in several types of materials. Regardless of the name, the installation remains the same. The new vinyl, fiberglass or aluminum flush fin window is installed on top of the existing window’s perimeter frame. This method is used when the perimeter frame of the existing window frame is not pulled out of the opening. The new frame is installed on top of and inside the existing perimeter frame. As long as not damage exists, it is the most ideal method. It is a quick method and often an entire house full of windows can be replaced in one day.

Style two, the block-fit installation method is most commonly used in houses with existing wooden windows, especially if they have double-hung or casement wood windows. Unlike other styles, the block-fit window doesn’t have a fin and is installed in to a pocket of the existing word window frame.

When a house’s frame needs to be or is already exposed, the nail-fin installation is used. Often this method is used during construction for a house or addition. During installation, the framing members are exposed and used with the flashing paper to create a vapor barrier.

If this seems like a lot for you, don’t worry! The experts at Keller Window & Door are here to help you. Call us to today to find out how easy and affordable it really is to replace your windows and doors.

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